About the Owners

Stephen P. Twarowski – President

Meet Stephen

Stephen Twarowski is the President/Owner of SHR Remodeling, Inc., a design/build remodeling company that specializes in living-in-place modifications.

Stephen began his career in construction 45 years ago in Indiana remodeling 100-year-old homes, being trained by European craftsmen, and enjoying bringing these historic homes back to life. In 2010, he met and married his wife, Linda. They re-incorporated the company as SHR Remodeling, Inc. and are co-owners.

For many of his early years in construction, Stephen did every aspect of the building/remodeling hands-on, reading blueprints and working from the ground up to a completed project. His experience taught him construction best practices for building an addition, doing a remodel, or making repairs. With an eye for detail, Stephen can look at construction and know if it is being performed correctly.

Stephen is a Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR) and both he and his wife are Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists (CAPS). These designations are through the National Association of Home Builders and they must continue their education to maintain them. Stephen has taken hands-on training from the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation for approved tile installation methods and holds a Master Installers Certification for Fenestration (window and door installation) with the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance.

Linda Ingalls Twarowski – Secretary Treasurer

Aboutus Linda

Meet Linda

One of Linda’s favorite fragrances is freshly cut lumber and she would rather roam the isles of a home improvement store than a department store. Linda grew up in a home where her father would tackle any home improvement project and she learned how to paint and be a helper at a very young age. When she bought her current home, Linda and her father spent several years completely remodeling the house (while she was living in it).

Linda retired from Shell Oil after 31 years in exploration research. She was looking forward to spending time in her garden tending her many tropical plants, volunteering, and loving on her cats. However, she hired Stephen to do some minor repairs around her house and made the mistake of feeding Stephen. The rest, as they say, is history. A year later Stephen and Linda were married and now Linda is a co-owner of the company. Linda has enjoyed taking many classes at the GHBA learning about all aspects of building and is CAPS certified.

A Little More About Stephen and Linda

Stephen and Linda have been very active in the Remodeler’s Council of the Greater Houston Builder’s Association and Stephen has served on the board for the Remodeler’s Council. Over the years, they have donated time, money, and materials to multiple charity projects to give back to the community.

Stephen and Linda enjoy their grandchildren, cats, ballroom dancing, camping, and visits to the ballet, symphony, zoo, and Museum of Natural Science.