Why Should You Choose Us?

SHR Remodeling, Inc. is a family-owned Design + Build / Remodeling company with our own draftsman and engineer, as well as a group of design experts always willing to help. We specialize in kitchen and bath remodeling, additions, and garages. Everyone’s home can be made more livable!

What Sets Us Apart

A lot of remodeling companies call themselves “The Best”, but actually being the best takes so much more than just saying it. It takes a dedication to customers, expertise in the field, and a commitment to providing services you really need. When you work with SHR Remodeling, Inc., you’re getting the best and no less.

The simple fact is, so many remodelers today have never picked up a hammer or performed any of the work. They are schedulers who rely on their trades to “do it right”. Unfortunately, many do not know what “right” is, and a large portion of our work is repairing other people’s mistakes.

We have performed all aspects of building, from framing to tile/flooring to electrical and plumbing. At SHR Remodeling, Inc., we know what’s “right”, and we take our work seriously.

SHR Remodeling, Inc. is incredibly demanding of our work crews. There is no room for second rate work. Our field crew and Project Manager are continuously analyzing progress onsite and always available to address any questions or concerns you may have. Our goal is not to just meet but to exceed your expectations.

The owners of SHR Remodeling, Inc. are involved in every project. From the initial planning and design through project completion. With 40+ years in the construction industry, we have sound systems in place to help guide you each step of the way. As a full-service general contracting and design firm, you can depend on a turn-key process.

Whether it’s a family room addition, master suite renovation or a kitchen and bathroom update, you want your home remodeling project to be perfect. So do we. And we won’t quit until it is.

We also design modifications to make living-in-place, comfortable, accessible, and beautiful (without that institutional feel) for those who wish to stay in their home as they age, and/or for those with special needs. For example:

  • Children/grandchildren who have trouble reaching the faucet as well as someone with motor skill difficulties that would need a joystick faucet handle.
  • Grab bars that can be “hidden” in the form of toilet paper holders or towel racks.

We guarantee you’ll get the exact results you’re looking for, along with instant equity in your newly renovated home. Ask any one of the hundreds of clients we’ve worked with over the years. They come back time and again with remodeling projects, and they give us the highest form of praise possible – referrals to their friends, family, and colleagues. Let SHR Remodeling, Inc. help you make your renovating project a reality. Don’t compromise. We don’t!



We interview our potential client, and we want them to interview us as well.  We’re going to spend a lot of time together – kind of like a marriage – so we have to be a good fit for each other.

Comprehensive Project Evaluation

We create a Comprehensive Project Evaluation (CPE) instead of a bid.  The CPE is a very detailed explanation of what will be done (from putting down carpet protection to final clean up).  Our goal is to have all of the client’s choices made for tile and hardware, etc. so they can be listed in the CPE and exact numbers are calculated. Many companies use allowances which allow for an artificially low final price.  The builder will choose an allowance of say $5.00 a square for tile knowing full well that it will probably be closer to $20.00 a square or a faucet allowance of $75 when it will probably be $400.  Once the remodel has started and the client makes their choices, they are hit with Change Orders for the difference that is due immediately before work can continue. By having the choices made up front, we order all of our products before any demolition begins.  This eliminates long delays in construction if materials are delayed in arriving.

Construction Site

You can’t eliminate dust generated during construction, but you can capture it when it’s airborne before it travels into your home. That’s where air-filtration systems come in. These portable machines pull in dusty air, filter it and then send out clean air, which can be vented out a window.